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Phoenix  by  C.R. Guiliano

Phoenix by C.R. Guiliano
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Thad’s world crumbled the night he said those three little words to his best friend, Haydin Rivers. But he couldn’t, wouldn’t take them back. His heart turned to ashes at the rejection of Haydin…and his own parents. Thad fled the small town of Maysville. He wouldn’t stay where he was not wanted. He made his way from Kentucky, across America to California.Thirteen years later, Thad had to return to the town that caused him so much pain. A little sister waited for him, and unknown to him, so did Haydin.

But Thad saw Haydin, the CEO of Thad’s father’s corporation, and more importantly, saw the lover now with Haydin. The ashes of Thad‘s heart burned painfully all over again.==================Haydin missed Thaddeus Carmichael. He knew he’d destroyed Thad when he’d rejected him…violently. But Haydin didn’t want to admit who he was. Wasn’t even sure who he was supposed to be. Thad made it easy…and hard, to be open and honest.

Ten years later, Haydin finally came out of the closet and after another year, had a lover. A lover that was soon forgotten when Thad came back to town two years later.Haydin had every intention of winning Thad’s heart again. Making it whole from the ashes he‘d created. Repairing the damage he’d done thirteen years ago.

And this time around, he had help. Thad wasn’t the only one who returned to Maysville. Shea Rivers, Haydin’s brother returned too. And Shea was determined to have Thad’s little sister, Clarissa. Haylee, Haydin’s twin sister, the one person who’d been there through Haydin’s torturous journey to coming out, wanted her brother happy. And the only one who could make Haydin happy…was Thad.Warning: Book contains content some readers may find objectional including male sexual practices/intercourse, language and adult themes.

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